Tight Fit Fasteners Manufacturing Company

Tight Fit Fasteners, based in Gujarat, India is a leading force in the world of industrial fasteners. Established in the year 2023, we proudly bear the title of an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and supplier. Our commitment to excellence shines through in our range of top-quality fasteners, nuts, and screws. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has propelled us to prominence in a short span.

We offer customization options based on diameter, length, material, and grade, all in adherence to IS, JIS, BS, ASTM, DIN, and ANSI standards. At Tight Fit Fasteners, we craft our products with cutting-edge technology and the finest raw materials, ensuring their premium quality. Our offerings find a home in the casting and electro-electronic industries, as well as the automobile sector. With a multitude of sizes and dimensions available, we meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether they operate in vast industrial facilities or small-scale households.

Key Competitive Advantage

Our competitive edge at Tight Fit Fasteners lies in our five pillars namely, team, finance, commitment, products, and approach. These Empower us to deliver exceptional products with precision and efficiency. We are driven by a customer-centric approach, ensuring our clients receive unmatched products and services.

  • A seasoned R & D department with a wealth of experience and expertise.
  • A robust financial position that ensures stability and growth.
  • A steadfast commitment to total quality management, guaranteeing product excellence.
  • An extensive product range, meeting diverse industry needs.
  • The ability to provide tailored solutions, addressing unique client requirements with precision and care.

Product Portfolio

At Tight Fit Fasteners, we take pride in offering an extensive range of high-quality Industrial Fasteners at prices that won’t strain your budget. Our team of experts meticulously crafts these products, always in tune with the latest market trends and standards, using top-tier raw materials. Our product lineup includes a diverse array of essentials, such as bolts, screws, nuts, flanges, anchors, hooks, rivets, and washers. What sets our products apart are their exceptional features:

  • Impressive Durability
  • Precision Engineering
  • Outstanding Tolerance
  • Dimensional Accuracy
  • Flawless Finishing
  • Resilience to Corrosion and Rust

Industries We Cater

Tight Fit Fasteners, based in Gujarat, India, proudly stands as a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of fasteners, nuts, and screws. We take immense pride in offering our discerning clients top-quality products at competitive prices. Our commitment to excellence begins with sourcing raw materials to meet ISI standards, ensuring longevity and optimal quality. Our product range finds its applications across various industries, including

  • Automobile sector
  • Casting industry
  • Electro-electronic industry
  • Other engineering-related fields

Our Exceptional Workforce

At Tight Fit Fasteners, our strength lies in our dedicated team of professionals. Highly qualified and well-trained, they operate cutting-edge machinery, adhering to the latest market standards. Our team includes engineers, technicians, quality controllers, warehousing and packaging specialists, R&D personnel, logistics experts, and sales and administrative professionals. Together, they collaborate seamlessly, united by a shared goal. Regular training keeps our team updated with industry advancements, ensuring our products are at the forefront of quality and innovation.

A Leading Fastener Supplier And Exporter In India

A reflection of unwavering commitment, excellence, and reliability.

Tight Fit Fasteners, based in Gujarat, India, is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of fasteners, nuts, and screws. Our products play a crucial role in various sectors, including the automotive industry, where we supply items like exhaust bolts and balanced wheel bolts. These fasteners are essential for maintenance and repair, securing crucial components like exhaust systems, engine blocks, and chassis elements. At Tight Fit Fasteners, we take pride in providing reliable solutions for a wide range of applications.

What Sets Us Apart?

Exceptional Team Efforts

Our top-notch position in the market is thanks to our dedicated and talented team's consistent and sincere efforts.

Adherence to Quality Standards

We ensure our products meet international market standards, ensuring they cater to our clients' diverse demands.

Product Excellence

Our commitment to outstanding product workmanship sets us apart, ensuring quality and precision.

Swift Deliveries

We offer prompt delivery services, meeting your needs with speed and efficiency.

Competitive Terms

We provide competitive terms that enhance value for our clients and foster lasting relationships.

Ethical Business Practices

Our commitment to ethical practices guides our operations and client interactions.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize our clients' needs, ensuring they are at the core of our business strategies.

Exceptional Team Efforts

We employ a collaborative team approach, combining people, technology, and expertise to deliver impactful manufacturing solutions. We leverage creativity, hard work, and vision to help clients explore uncharted horizons and tap into new opportunities through data-driven research and global reach.