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Being among the leading carriage bolt manufacturers and exporters, TightFit Fasteners is pleased to meet the various demands of our esteemed clients both locally and abroad.

Being dedicated to quality, we have established a name for providing superior, corrosion-resistant fasteners which is essential to many different sectors. Every carriage bolt that we make reflects our dedication to excellence.


Carriage Bolt Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

Tightfit Fasteners is the leading carriage bolt manufacturers in India. We are at the forefront of producing the best quality carriage bolts in various sizes and shapes.  To meet ever-increasing international demand, we have invested good time and money in research and development. We promote innovative thinking and increasing strict control approaches to deliver excellent products. Our materials are manufactured with high precision and cutting-edge technology

TightFit Fasteners, headquartered in Gujarat, India, has quickly appeared as a worldwide leader in industrial fasteners since its inception in 2023. We take pride in being an ISO 9001:2000 specialized carriage bolt Suppliers, safeguarding excellent quality standards. Our product range, covering fasteners, nuts, and screws, is prominent for its superiority. Our steady dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has driven our fast growth and success. At TightFit Fasteners, we determinedly strive for excellence, nurturing long-term relationships with the clients and strengthening our position as a right-hand industry partner

TightFit Fasteners stands out as an inspiration of dominance in manufacturing carriage bolts, showcasing unwavering leadership and expertise. With a persistent pursuit of faultlessness, they make the best bolts that exceed industry standards. Their commitment has earned them status as the go-to partner for industries relying on superior carriage bolts.

Describe Carriage Bolts

Known by several names, including round head bolts, coach bolts, or round head square neck bolts, carriage bolts are a necessary part of fastening systems. Their unusual form is a square neck that leads to a dome-shaped, although shallow, head. Most Indian stainless steel carriage bolt manufacturers and suppliers acknowledge the importance of this square neck in keeping the bolt in square-shaped holes.

Defined by their design, these bolts have a lengthy, cylindrical shank as opposed to conventional bolts, whose threads begin just at the neck joint. According to the neck of the bolt, this distinctive design helps to produce durable and strong connections, particularly in wood-to-wood or wood-to-metal components.

The diameter of our carriage bolts varies from 1/4″ to 3/4″ and their length from 3/4″ to 16″. Metric sizes: the diameter varies from m6 to m42 and the lengths from 12mm to 500mm. These bolts are a great option for many applications because of their simplicity of installation and flexibility. They fit securely even in softer materials thanks to the square neck design, which can be fitted into pre-drilled holes with spacers and hex nuts.

Names of Carriage Bolts

  • Shaker screen bolt
  • Round head square neck bolt
  • Mushroom head square neck bolt
  • Cupped head bolt

Applications of Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts are used in a wide variety of sectors where they find uses. As a result of their adaptability and dependability, they are an excellent option for experts working in these industries.

  • Agricultural
  • Construction and Transportation
  • Automobiles and Construction
  • Refining Chemicals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Industry Plumbing and Water Supply Systems
  • Construction Engineering
  • Military and Marine Engineering
  • Power Generation

Why Should You Use Carriage Bolts?

Because of their adaptability and ease, carriage bolts are often used in woodworking applications. This is because they are especially well-suited to the material. When used in projects such as wooden fencing, ornamental fences, wooden furniture, and outdoor play equipment, their seamless, arching heads provide not only an aesthetic appeal but also a degree of safety. Furthermore, carriage bolts provide security since they would unbolt from one side, which prevents unintended dismantling from occurring under any condition.

Types And Grades Of Carriage Bolts We Manufacture

  • Allen cap bolt
  • Anchor bolt
  • High tensile hex bolt
  • L bolt
  • Square bolt
  • T bolt
  • Hex bolts
  • U bolt

Best quality Materials of Carriage Bolts available

As prominent carriage bolt suppliers, our bolts are available in a wide range of materials and classifications. Because of our dedication to quality, we guarantee that you will get the appropriate fastener to meet your requirements.

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Duplex steel
  • Nylon and beyond

Carriage Bolt Manufacturers – Specifications

Tightfit fasteners specifications

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality carriage bolts, meeting international standards and tailored to your specific requirements.

EU, IFI, CSN, ITALIAN,M2 to m1603/8" to 8"High tensile, carbon steel, stainless steelHigh tensile, carbon steel, stainless steel8.8, 10.9, 12.9Hot forged and cold forgedFully threaded, partial threaded, metric, and imperial

Tightfit Fasteners – Carriage Bolt Exporters

Our carriage bolts are of the highest quality, and we ship them to several different nations here at tight-fit fasteners. We take great pleasure in being a top supplier of carriage bolts, and we provide low rates and quality packaging to guarantee that our items are delivered to your location securely and dependably.

Superior Carriage Bolt Types that We Offer

Tightfit fasteners are a reliable source for dependable carriage bolt exporters and suppliers in a range of sizes, resources, and qualities to suit your particular needs. Delivering superior fasteners to enterprises worldwide is motivated by our dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Our carriage bolts are the dependable option you can rely on whether you work in the building, motor vehicles or other industries. With great pride, we ship our goods to a large number of nations, notably Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the US, France, Canada, and many more.

Our carriage bolts satisfy international quality standards (IQs) and are necessary for many industrial uses. Our specialty is producing, to your requirements, both conventional and non-standard fasteners. Every technological requirement is met by our extensive product line, and we are dedicated to doing things more effectively than simply right.

Why are We India’s Top Carriage Bolt Suppliers?

TightFit Fasteners is proficient enough to fulfill the requirements of our eminent clients in India and overseas. We are one of the established carriage bolt suppliers that exports and manufactures carriage bolts with precision. We are known for delivering top-quality carriage bolts that can withstand corrosion in various fields with ease. Each carriage bolt that is manufactured by us is known for its excellence.

We are recognized as an eminent carriage bolt suppliers where a variety of bolts can be accessed. We make sure that carriage bolts will be of high quality and we also guarantee you that customers can obtain fasteners that will meet their needs.

Unparalleled Proficiency

As a result of our many years of expertise in the sector, we have established ourselves as a reliable brand in the production of carriage bolts. We guarantee that you will get bolts of the highest quality, which are intended to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Widespread Selection of Products

We are top-quality carriage bolt Exporters that offer an extensive selection of carriage bolts to cater to diverse needs. Our range covers various sizes, materials, and grades, guaranteeing the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

International Consistency

Because of our dedication to quality and our accessibility around the globe, we are the best option for those who are looking for carriage bolts that are reliable and not prone to corrosion. We are a reliable source for you, regardless of whether you are in any country.

Quality Assurance

Tightfit Fasteners are reliable carriage bolt suppliers offering high-quality products at competitive prices. With a vision to provide high-quality bolts, to industries worldwide, we have become one of the largest carriage bolt manufacturers India of carriage bolt solutions. We ensure continuous compliance and we only follow ISO certifications and compliance with industry standards.

By tapping into international markets, we mitigate risks related to demand fluctuations in their home country.

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1. What is the aim of a carriage bolt?
The finest fasteners to attach wood and metal can be done with carriage bolts. As an alternative, two pieces of wood might be secured together by carriage bolts.

2. When is a carriage bolt appropriate to use?
Carriage bolts are applied in many sectors, like mining, railroads, farming, and water conservation and handling.

3. What is a carriage bolt’s strength?
A heat-functioned, ¼” to 2″ diameter, grade 4 carriage bolt with a proof weight of 85,000 psi and a tensile strength of 120,000 psi can be made.

4. How is a carriage bolt locked?
A carriage bolt has a rotund head and a four-sided neck beneath it. When the square neck is used into a hole that is drilled, it functions as a locking mechanism to stop the head from spinning while the nut is constricted.

5. Which types of carriage bolts are there?
Round Head Square Neck, Round Head Ribbed Neck, Fin Neck, Flat Head, Square Neck, etc are a few of the carriage bolts obtainable in the market.