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Crafting Strength, One Thread at a Time: Threaded Bar Manufacturers

Being one of Mumbai, India’s biggest Threaded Bar Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers make us at TightFit Fasteners very proud. Our threaded bars are essential to the fastener industry as they provide dependability and flexibility in a wide range of industrial uses. These lengthy, continuously threaded rods are made to resist the test of time and anchor and suspend.

Our Threaded Bars are available in many diameters to suit a variety of industrial requirements and are made of stainless steel for outstanding corrosion resistance. Whatever the thickness, length, form, size, or diameter, we can accommodate a wide range of specifications. Apart from Threaded Bars, we are a top provider of Hex Bolts and other products. Offering a variety of property classes, finishes, and extensive in-house testing to guarantee the quality of our goods demonstrates our dedication to quality. When accuracy and strength count, TightFit Fasteners deliver.

Threaded bar Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

Reliable Threaded Bar Suppliers Since 2023

Since we first opened for business in 2023, TightFit Fasteners has proven to be your trustworthy Threaded Bar Manufacturer. With a large range of finishes to meet your particular requirements, we provide threaded bars up to M64 diameter in the property classes G4.8, G8.8, G10.9, and G12.9. We test our threaded rods for hardness in-house to guarantee uncompromising quality and to verify that they meet ISO 898-1:2013 requirements.

That’s not where our dedication to excellence ends. Offering items that adhere to the strictest standards makes us very proud. A 3.1 certificate is offered upon request for products of the G8.8 class and above. Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to manufacture studs up to three meters long with choices for chisel point ends, 45-degree cuts, or straight cuts. We also have 1 and 3-meter all-thread in stock, ready to go, in finishes like self-color, zinc-plated, and galvanized. When you need premium Threaded Bars that satisfy your rigorous requirements, use TightFit Fasteners.

Know Threaded Bars

Known by many as a threaded stud, a threaded bar is an extended rod that has threads running the whole length of it. Fully threaded, single-ended, or double-ended versions of these threaded bars are offered. To suit particular client demands, all thread rods may be coated or galvanized depending on production specifications. These threaded studs are mostly dependent on two important measurements: diameter and length.

Uses for Threaded Bars

Known by a different name, all thread rods, and threaded bars have many uses in construction such as

  • Installation of epoxy anchors in pre-existing concrete slabs.
  • Extension of length by coupling short studs with additional fasteners.
  • Making effective anchor rod replacements.
  • Flange connections of pipes secured.
  • Double arming bolts’ function in the pole line business fulfilled.

Our Threaded Bar Description


FinishPlain, Zinc, Hot dipped galvanized, Yellow
ASTMASTM A307 & A193 Grade B7, A193 Grade B8
Stainless Steel18-8: 304 and 316
Grade4.8, 6.8, 8.8 & 10.9
Rolled ThreadsUNC, UNF, MM, BSW, Single & Double Side Thread, Metric, Trapezoidal, ACME
DiametersM6 to M64, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Length1Mtr. To 3Mtrs., 1feet to 12feet
StandardDIN 975/976, ASTM A193
Diameters (Alternative)5MM to 60MM, 3/16" to 2.5"
Stock Range1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters, 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet
ThreadsMM Threads, UNC, BSW, UNF, BSF
Finishes & ColorSelf-finish, Zinc Plated, Blue Finish, Yellow Finish, Green Finish, Black Finish, Natural Finish, White Finish, Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG), Mechanical

Threaded Bar Coatings/Finishings

Coating / FinishDescription
Plain SteelRaw, uncoated steel, often referred to as "black"
Hot-Dip GalvanizedProvides excellent corrosion resistance when the rods are exposed to the outside elements
Yellow ZincA zinc coating with a yellow finish
Zinc PlatedCorrosion-resistant coating can be plated in multiple colors and provides a shiny coating
Other CoatingsCoatings are available per the client's specific requirements

What Makes Us A Unique Threaded Bar Suppliers?

The Industrial Revolution 5.0 Started with Us

Leading threaded bars exporters TightFit Fasteners started its journey when the first signs of Industrial Revolution 5.0 started to appear. Being well aware of the information, tools, and technology required, we set ourselves up to spark a revolution in the industrial sector. Being at the forefront and bringing in a new age of quality and innovation in Threaded Bar production is our commitment. Our commitment is to influence the direction of the future by using the newest developments and developing innovative solutions that propel the industrial sector forward. Come along on this incredible adventure toward a manufacturing industry that is more sophisticated, productive, and revolutionary.

Threaded Bars Exporters

Your Reputable International Threaded Bar Partner

  • Commitment To Excellence As renowned threaded bars exporters our commitment is to preserving our industry reputation for quality. Our dedication to quality guarantees our international customer base premium Threaded Bars and a wide range of bolt types for various uses.
  • Highly Skilled Professionals Every stage of the production process is supervised by our knowledgeable teams of extremely qualified experts. Their specialist expertise enables us to provide competitively priced Threaded Bars of standard quality with customized dimensions to satisfy our client’s particular needs.
  • Adherence To Stringent Standards Experienced experts lead us in following strict industry standards and carrying out extensive destructive and non-destructive testing. Carefully carried out, these tests confirm the mechanical properties, size, and quality of the product.
  • Quality Raw Materials Our Stainless-Steel Threaded Bars are made with premium raw materials that are quickly obtained from reliable suppliers to guarantee on-time delivery to satisfy customers.
  • Complete Stock We have a huge supply of threaded bars in common 1-meter lengths; larger lengths are available upon request.
  • Great Range As a leading Threaded Bar Manufacturers, TightFit Fasteners provides a flexible selection of imperial and metric sizes as well as a choice of materials and strengths to meet your particular needs.
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